Spanish Footballer, Francisco Dies Of Coronavirus

symptoms of corona virus

21-year-old Spanish footballer, Francisco Gracia, who already had Leukemia, has died after testing positive for coronavirus! Francisco had no idea he had an aggressive form of cancer, which made him extremely vulnerable to coronavirus when he went to a hospital with breathing problems last Frida.

The president of the Atletico Portada Alta football club said he was told that Mr Garcia was stable, but an hour later was informed that he had died.

The club president Pep Bueno said:

Francisco was a great guy and a very talented coach. We are all still shocked.
The hospital rang me at 7pm on Sunday to say his condition had stabilized, but then an hour later.
The coronavirus came together with a bad illness he had. I can’t believe it has happened.

His death comes as countries continue to struggle to contain the disease which has led to shut down of major cities in Europe and cancellation of sport events.

Spain has confirmed 9,191 cases of coronavirus, with 1349 reported in the last 24 hours. The death toll is now 309. About 173, 177 coronavirus cases have been recorded since its outbreak in Wuhan, China.

francisco dies of coronavirus

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