I Wasn’t Looking For Friendship – Jaruma Makes Contract Between Herself And Regina Daniels Public

jaruma and regina daniels

Sex therapist and aphrodisiac seller, Jaruma isn’t finished with Regina Daniels of Nollywood. Remember how the actress denied ever using Kayamata on her husband and said she only influenced the brand?

Jaruma claimed that she paid the actress N10 million for the task and that she only advertised the brand three times. She also mentioned a number of other favors she performed for the actress throughout their time together.

The sex therapist isn’t done ranting; she said she never desired friendship from Regina Daniels and that she was only being kind to get a good deal.

jaruma and regina daniels - All Naija Trends

She emphasized that she is a businesswoman who has made significant investments and must earn a profit.

She went on to say that many influencers turn down jobs because they only want money, despite the fact that businesses spend a lot of money on them and want them to provide a service.


See screenshots of their contracts below:


Jaruma is from Billiri local government area of Gombe State. She is the founder of Jaaruma Empire Limited. The sex therapist started a YouTube channel in 2016 to promote the therapeutic benefits of Azanza Garckeana also known as Snot Apple, Mutohwe, African chewing gum, gorontula, tula kolanut or morojwa.

The channel’s increasing audience formed the market for her product line when they were released in 2017.

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