Nollywood Actress Jumoke Odetola Becomes A WADA Ambassador With NDLEA

The actress celebrates her birthday with NDLEA Drug treatment center clients and gives food, drinks, toiletries, and other supplies to the center.

Jumoke Odetola is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. She is a multi award winning actress, producer, filmmaker, content creator and a humanitarian.

Her passion for humanitarian works has earned her another ambassadorial role with NDLEA, as a WADA (War Against Drug abuse) ambassador with NDLEA, where she advocates war against drug abuse.

Currently one of the most influential young leaders in Nigeria, and an ambassador for Lagos State on Social Development Goal (SDG), It will be recalled that Jumoke Odetola premiered her advocacy film TRAP for the commemoration of world drug day this year.

The film which centers on drug abuse, addiction, rehabilitation & management of relapse, received accolades for its advocacy message even from international organizations like UNODC.

The two time winner on the biggest award platform for film makers in africa – AMVCA reiterates that being appointed an NDLEA ambassador is a badge of responsibility and honour which she pledges to wear with diligence and pride.

The actress, who is celebrating her birthday today, October 16, says she’s inspired to join the fight againt drug abuse because the General Buba Marwa administration is known for empathy towards those battling addiction by putting resources and effort in rehabilitation as well as clamping down on drug suppliers and barons to ensure reduction and eventual eradication of illicit drug supply business in Nigeria.

Jumoke Odetola with Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (rtd), NDLEA Chairman

The war is against drug abuse and it’s a fight for everyone, it concerns us all.
Drugs and crime work hand in hand. If we want to have a safe abode, we need to start by waging war against drug abuse to reduce it to the barest minimum.
Being under the influence of drug impairs rational thinking, It takes away the human part of anyone taking it.
Do you think those armed robbers, hired assassin’s, kidnappers don’t have conscience, they do, which is why before embarking on their operation, the first thing they do is to kill their conscience by taking the substance before engaging in the act.
This is why even some people will say they need to take substances before having heated confrontation with anyone so as to kill their rationality and decency in the argument.
Crimes will be reduced to the barest minimum if people can stay off drugs, says Jumoke Odetola.

Speaking on the importance of rehabilitation and the role of the society in supporting and encouraging people seeking rehabilitation, she says supporting people going through rehabilitation and in fact celebrating them for their bold step is one major way of encouraging those battling with drug addiction to seek help.

She also re-affirm that everyone should know that society has a role to play in this reformation process, especially regarding how we view those in rehab and those who have passed through rehabilitation.
Statements like salaro, yaba left patients and the likes are some of the unconscious statements we make that could discourage people thinking of seeking help.

We need to get to that point where we would easily and confidently be able to tell people we are going to see a psychiatrist or check into a rehabilitation facility and not be seen as an abnormal individual, the stage where we can take leave from work to go to a rehab facility and still have our job retained on getting back, the level where we wouldn’t be ill-teased by families, friends, acquaintances by the virtue of the fact that they know we have been to the rehab center.

She submits by saying:

The war is against drug abuse, not the abuser.
Not about condemning or stigmatizing those involved in drugs, rather it is about seeking redemption for them.
This is why those that are seeking the path of rehabilitation need our support and love not stigmatization.

The actress had a birthday celebration and spent time with clients at the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) drug treatment center on Saturday to show her love and support to those who are brave enough to seek treatment.

She rounded off her celebration by cutting birthday cake and donating food, drinks, toiletries, and other items to clients at the facility.

Jumoke Odetola birthday celebration with NDLEA Drug treatment center clients
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