Kogi Has Been Faring Well Under My Watch, Yahaya Bello Boasts Of His Achievements

Yahaya Bello: Kogi Has Been Faring Well Under My Watch.

Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, who revealed the various projects embarked upon within the last four years of his administration as Kogi governor, has said that the state has been faring well under his watch.

According to him, his administration had delivered electricity to over 200 communities across the state, especially in the Eastern flank and the Lokoja/Koto Kar axis of Kogi West. He further stated that he had also inaugurated the Project Light Up Kogi East (PLUKE) for accelerated electrification of at least another 200 communities in Kogi East.

The governor also said:

We have also taken tremendous strides in the provision of physical and engineering infrastructure and utilities of all types, such as major link and township road networks, electricity projects, rural water schemes, primary and secondary healthcare centres, specialist health programmes and empowerment initiatives for youths, women and other sections of our populace.

The second largest rice mill in Northern Nigeria is ready for commissioning at Ejiba in Yagba East of Kogi West.

It is supported with about 800 hectares of cultivated rice and will provide between 3000 to 20,000 direct and indirect jobs. It will also serve as an off-taker for many of our farmers.

We have renovated, or constructed from scratch, over 375 basic education schools across the state.

Our secondary schools and Tertiary institutions have enjoyed serious attention from the administration, both in the provision of enhanced learning materials and physical infrastructure.

As a result, several Tertiary institutions were able to receive accreditation for critical courses which have been outstanding for years.

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