Meet Nigerian Lady That Makes Creative Art Works With Straws

A Nigerian lady that identified herself as ‘the straw artist’ has taken to the internet to share one of her art works.

She wrote:

Yes am a graduate, yes am a corp member yes am an artist and yes I pick used straws and new ones to Create stories and today I will tell you a story of a boy from ‘the other side’..
The other side of life they say is always a blurred reflection of reality.
A young boy dreaming of having quality education found himself on the street hawking, he told him self classroom is an opportunity but this street won’t stop my dream I will break all boundaries and create a class room of my own, a class room filled with noice but am deaf to it, filled with people(distraction) but am blind to it.
And in that street a dream was built and cemented.
and yes you can call me ‘the straw artist’

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