Obasanjo Reveals Why He Decided Not To Speak On 2019 Presidential Election Result

Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo has revealed why he decided not to speak on 2019 presidential election result. He disclose this on Tuesday at the Shehu Musa Yar’adua Centre Abuja, at the launch of a book written by Abdullahi Shehu, titled ”Election in Nigeria: The Long Road To Democracy.”

”I will not dabble into the details of what I call current aspect of Prof Shehu’s book because since the emphasis was on the national election, particularly the presidential election, and the presidential election is now taken to court,” Mr Obasanjo said.

”I think talking about it would become subjudicive, because it has been taken to court,” he added.

Mr Obasanjo, however, spoke on Mr Shehu’s book.

”The book discusses the election and electoral processes in Nigeria including why there must be a free fair transparent and credible election as predictive autumn of the country.

”It reviews the main factors that led to the defeat of the PDP in 2015, and how the APC mismanaged the victory. The main thrust of the book is a comparative analysis of the APC Next Level and the PDP ” Let’s Get Nigeria Working Again”, he added.

Mr Obasanjo said the author had done justice in reviewing the bedrock of a democratic government.

”I think from the review, you would see that the author had done justice in what he set out to achieve

”In the introduction in which election is the bedrock of a democratic government, all modern democracy and old elections, not all elections are truly democratic. The measure of a democratic election is that it is transparent fair, credible and acceptable

”The problem is who determines these outcomes in the election? And that is where the concerns about a sustainable democracy arises and sustainable democracy, if an election is fundamental and basic to democracy and good governance.”

The former president further reviewed the part highlighted in the book, as ”Election Integrity.”

He described an election without integrity as a ”farce”

”Then we go to the other part and very important part in which Prof Shehu highlighted very much in this book, and that is election integrity. Without integrity, any election is a farce.

”In this regard, an election can futher enhance democracy, security, human right and freedom,” he said.

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