Football Legend, Pele Shows ‘Progressive Improvement’ After Hospitalization

Brazilian football legend, Pele, is said to be improving after being treated for a respiratory infection at a hospital in Sao Paulo.

According to the Brazilian newspaper Globo, the legendary figure’s condition is improving after being taken to the hospital for tests.

They go on to say that the 82-year-old is showing “stable signs,” is “conscious,” and has “no further complications.”

Pele, who won the World Cup three times in his career (in 1958, 1962, and 1970), was admitted to the hospital to treat a respiratory infection exacerbated by Covid.

Despite initial reports that he was near death, his daughters Flavia and Kely Nascimento quickly refuted those claims, saying he is “sick” but still supporting Brazil in their World Cup bid.

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After his chemotherapy for colon cancer was suspended, the former Brazil striker was transferred to palliative care.

An update from his doctors in Sao Paulo, however, confirmed that he is responding well to treatment.

‘He is still undergoing treatment and the state of health remains stable. He has also had a good response to respiratory infection care, with no worsening of the condition in the last 24 hours’ according to the doctors.

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