Sheikh Gumi: Bandits Kidnapping School Students Is A Lesser Evil

Popular Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi, has said that kidnapping children from school are a lesser evil compared to ransacking towns and killing their residents. He said this on Monday during an interview with BBC Pidgin.

Gumi also stated that his meetings were yielding positive results as bandits are now careful about human lives.

Sheikh Gumi
Sheikh Gumi

His statement reads:

“Kidnapping children from school is a lesser evil because in the end, you can negotiate and now bandits are very careful about human lives.

“Before, the mission of bandits was to go into a town, ransack it and kill people. By this, I can say our preaching is working and hopefully, we are coming to an end of banditry in Zamfara and other states.

“Bandits are more careful about lives now and just want to do sensational attacks which would bring attention to themselves.”

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