Warri Pikin Opens Up About How She Was On The Verge Of Suicide Due To Financial Issues

Warri Pikin Reveals She Tried To Commit Suicide Due To Outstanding Bills, Recounts The Harsh Things Her Creditors And Friends Said To Her Thereafter.

Warri Pikin has said that she tried suicide years ago since her family was struggling financially and she was in debt.

In the past, the comedian spoke about how people criticised her for marrying a poor man in the early stage of their marriage.

She turned to Instagram on Sunday, June 6, 2021, to disclose that she attempted suicide on June 6, 2018, when things got so bad.

Her family was in debt to the tune of N22 million, she stated, and she felt bleak.

warri pikin

People suggested various ways for her to make money before the suicide attempt, including someone who encouraged her to “play” in a hotel in exchange for money, she revealed on Instagram today, June 7.

Another offered to introduce her to a wealthy lesbian woman who would provide her with money in exchange for sexual favours, she claimed.

When she was in the hospital after trying suicide in 2018, she said that people mocked her and said that her husband would have to pay their money even if she died.

She shared screenshots of some of the replies she was given:

warri pikinwarri pikinwarri pikinwarri pikinwarri pikin

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