Adebimpe Oyebade: Actresses Who Bleach Have Nothing To Offer

Adebimpe Oyebade Has This To Say To Actresses Who Bleach!

Nigerian actress, Adebimpe Oyebade has a word for actresses who bleach to get movie roles. In a new interview with Sunday Scoop, she said:

“My favorite part of my body is my skin color as it makes me unique in the industry. I’m dark and I’m proud of it. As a matter of fact, I have got movie roles because of my dark skin. It is a blessing to me.

“Actresses who ‘bleach’ their skins are not confident and don’t believe in themselves. They also probably don’t have anything to offer, because if they do, they wouldn’t go down that route. Dark-skinned girls are doing well in the industry. I have never been discriminated against because of my complexion.”

Adebimpe Oyebade
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