Beautiful Love! Blue-Eyed Lady, Risqot Reconciles With Her Husband

Lady With Blue Eyes, Risqot Finally Reconciles With Her Husband!

Blue-eyed lady, Risqot has finally reconciled with her husband, Wasiu! The couple teamed up for an amazing photoshoot and we are so happy for them.

blue-eyed risqot husband
blue-eyed Risqot and husband

The 30-year-old lady came into limelight after being captured on camera alongside her two daughters, Kaosanat and Hasanat who also have blue eyes like her due to ocular albinism.

Risqot had alleged that because of their blue eyes, the father of her children, Wasiu walked out of the marriage. She became an overnight star after a clip of her and her daughters was shared online by a Twitter user.

blue-eyed risqot husband

blue-eyed risqot husband

The petty trader was able to get financial donations from people and she also caught the attention of the first lady of Kwara State, HE Mrs. Olufolake AbdulRazaq.

It appears the family is now back together and we can’t help but be happy for them.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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