“Time For Fresh Faces” Funke Akindele Quits Acting

Popular actress turned politician, Funke Akindele, has retired after a 20-year acting career. The actress, who is optimistic about her chances of becoming the next Deputy Governor of Lagos State, made the announcement at the premiere of her latest project, “Battle of Buka Streets,” which took place last Sunday at the Filmhouse, Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Funke Akindele told Potpourri and other journalists that she believes people are tired of seeing her face and should be prepared for new faces.

“This is the reason I sponsored and championed this project “Battle on Buka Street”. It would be my parting gift to my fans and the movie industry in general. I’m taking to politics full time as I strongly believe I’m the incoming Deputy governor of Lagos State,” she said.

Funke Akindele acting
Funke Akindele Quits Acting

She described the events leading up to the film’s production and how they affected her emotional wellbeing while talking about the movie.

“Do you know why I’m excited about the Battle on Buka Street? There is one guy called Jack who owns the original story. I was so excited, well, Nollywood should get ready for new faces. Working with young people has really touched my life. Anytime I hear they have something good to work on I quickly jump on it. Battle on Buka Street is about the family, the ups and downs, the intrigues and many more. It is aimed at celebrating our culture. The firm also celebrates oneness, unity in the family, the state and in the country. The cultural implication of the film is to celebrate our diversity, making sure there’s nothing like segregation, discrimination, and tribalism.

“I filmed Battle on Buka Street when I was emotionally down before politics. Rather than sitting down and brooding, I had to brace up because a lot of people are looking up to me in the entertainment industry. So, I pushed and put all the pain into the project. The project gave me the healing I needed at that time, that’s why I’m excited about it.

On her foray into politics, Akindele offered, “ Nothing good comes easy. Of course, moving into politics has brought a lot of backlash. Everybody can’t support you, I have learned to take criticism, and I’m better, calmer and more patient. I have learned to be more dedicated.”

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