How To Get Pregnant Fast With Twins

how o get pregnant with twinst

Twins are a lot of work. You’ve got to keep up with your two babies, make sure they’re both fed and burped correctly, change their diapers frequently, and sleep-train them at night. But if you can handle all that and maybe even enjoy it, there are things you can do to boost your odds of conceiving quickly and naturally! If you want to get pregnant fast with twins, just keep reading through this article and consider one or two of these tips.

Increase consumption of dairy products

How to get pregnant with twins
How to get pregnant with twins

Consuming a lot of dairy products increases the chances of a twin pregnancy because the growth hormones released by cows into their milk cause changes to your hormonal levels. According to research, women who eat dairy products have five times more chances to produce twins than women who don’t.

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Try conceiving while breastfeeding

get pregnant with a twins
How to get pregnant with twins

Prolactin is a component that your body produces while you’re breastfeeding. This component has been known to increase your chances of getting pregnant and conceiving twins.

Stop taking birth control pills

How to get pregnant with twins

Birth control pills play a pivotal role in helping you conceive twins naturally. When you stop taking birth control medication, your body takes some time to find its natural rhythm. It causes the body to have a higher hormone flux, than normal. If you try conceiving around this time, there will be a greater chance of having twins.

A partner with a family history of twins increases your chances

How to get pregnant with twins
How to get pregnant with twins

It is more likely that children of male identical twins reproduce identical twins. Having fraternal twins in your family increases your chances of having twins too. When there are fraternal twins on both the father and mother’s side, the chances of having twins might increase further.

Get your partner to consume zinc-rich foods

get pregnant with twins

Foods rich in zinc like green leafy vegetables, oysters, bread, and seeds stimulate sperm production. It, therefore, improves the probability of fertilizing more than one egg.

Have a gap between your pregnancies

How to get pregnant with twins

To increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins, have enough gap between your pregnancies. Quick conceptions hamper your chances of having twins.

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Eat protein-rich foods

Since a lot of your chances of conceiving twins depend upon hyperovulation, protein-rich foods may be helpful to promote the same. Whole grains, tofu, soy isoflavones, and especially yams help hyper-stimulate your ovaries, thereby increasing the chances of getting pregnant with twins.

Take folic acid supplements

get pregnant with twins tips
How to get pregnant with twins

Although debated, this method has nonetheless shown some good results in getting pregnant with twins. It is advised to take supplements as it’s known to prevent neural tube defects.

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