‘I’ve Passed Level Of Keke’ – Teenage Girl Tells Mum After She Picks Her Up With Napep

A video of a Nigerian mum and her children has gone viral on the internet.

In the video, the elder daughter, a teenage girl, complained about her mother picking her up from school with Keke napep (tricycle).

According to her, she has passed the level of Keke and pleaded with her mum never to pick her up with it again.

Netizens react:

@lzexchange: “I’ve passed that level of keke” true true no be society teach women sense of entitlement nah from blood, person wey no dey earn shi-shi don pass keke level

@TheIgboWolf: Being a child is so beautiful, with zero naira to your name you’ve passed the level of keke ????

@TimothyOjuola: The boy was excited about it???? kilo kan boss????????????????

@official_adags: The senior girl that has been forming in school for all those boys in her class you now went to embarrass her? Haba mummy it’s not fair now.

@MayJaYBaE: Poor people go think say na skit.

@NobleBenz: It’s obvious that the mother has spoilt the kids because tell me why this small children are embarrassed coz of keke. But notice that the lil boy didn’t have a problem with it? That’s because men naturally don’t care bout material things.

@i_amwhatt_iam: “See jobless people with options ????????.
But they’ll not relate.
It got to an extent I stopped giving Keke people direction to my house they just dropped me in front of my gate without me giving them directions.

@DeanOfBoiz: In my days we use to trek back home while rich man kids enter bikes, standard don change ????

@A6oki: “Ajebo kids don’t know what God has done to them, we trek 4KM to school to and fro

@folucomms: Like? What do you do for a living that you have passed the level of Keke????

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