“That Isn’t My Child” -Tboss Clears The Air, Says She Hasn’t Given Birth

Tboss Debunks Rumor Of Birthing A Baby Girl!

A picture of a new born baby has been circulating over the media with the report that Tboss has given birth to her. This is coming in not long after there were news that the reality TV star is pregnant.

tboss baby

However Tboss, few hours ago, took to her Instagram page to deny that she has given birth to a baby girl even-though the baby whose pictured was shared bear a striking resemblance to her. Tboss wrote:

I wanna use this opportunity to express my immense appreciation to Each & Everyone who took out time to send me Congratulatory messages, prayers & well-wishes on the birth of my child. 
May God Bless you all & answer your prayers as well.
However, I regret to inform you that- That isn’t my child. I’m still appalled at the person who took out the time & went through all the trouble to come up with such a juicy story, and the photo they used has a really striking resemblance to me- nose & mouth if I may say so myself.
Such a cute baby Bless her lil heart ♥️ I do think you’re in serious need of a job & I wish I could give you one but you’ve shown some seriously psychotic tendencies so maybe it’d be best you stayed really far away from people- search yourself, you just might need Help. 
Soooo, many people thought I’d be mad & flip out, maybe throw out a few shots but this incident has been a real Eye Opener to me & YOU & if you like to admit it or not- I’m still gonna put it in your faces. 
1- I am very grateful for the True friends who called to congratulate me as well as those who actually called to confirm if the rumor was true or not, y’all super Amazing because believe it or not- Some I considered my peoples, & would go out of my way to be there for them, help them out & always bloody stick out my neck for simply couldn’t be bothered- Ps: these are seriously social media complaiant folks who practically Live on the blogs & online so it only goes to prove how people out there celebrate you more than your own people.
Note: That jealousy that ate you up on top of fake news would someday swallow you up completely??

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