“They Will Inject You In Private Then Act Like Nothing Happened In Public” – Wumi Toriola Blasts Seyi Edun

Wumi Toriola Throws Shades At Former Friend, Seyi Edun.

Nollywood actress, Wumi Toriola, is once again slamming her former friend and colleague, Seyi Edun.

Wumi posted a message on Instagram implying that Seyi is the type of friend that abuses you in secret and then pretends as if everything is ok in public.

In an Instagram comment, Wumi wrote:

“They will inject you in private then act like nothing happened in public. Is her name Seyi?”

Wumi toriola

Wumi and Seyi used to be closest friends until Wumi began to sling shades online in 2020.

Seyi had been chastised by Wumi for merely celebrating her birthday online and doing nothing for her offline. She stated that she not only celebrated Seyi’s birthday online, but also congratulated her in person, but that she did not receive the same treatment from Seyi on hers.

She then uploaded a screenshot of her WhatsApp discussion with Seyi, claiming that it’s an irony that Seyi called her a lovely soul in her birthday message on her social media profile.

Wumi toriola and seyi edun

Then, in October 2020, Wunmi called Seyi out again for failing to acknowledge her son’s one-year-old birthday. She admitted that Seyi had sent her son money, but she criticized her for failing to post a birthday message for him.

At the time, Wumi wrote:

“Never extend your beef with someone, to their kids. I am from this school of thought but my exceptions to this rule is KIDS… If you see anyone who extend hate to Kids,they are Murderers,Run from them,if they have the chance,they will poison you and kill you..i said what i said and when you see them in agony of what they caused them selves,DO NOT PITY them ..i said what i said ..call the police. Good morning.”


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