5 Korean Dramas To Watch 2024

Are you a K-drama lover eagerly waiting for the next big hit? Look no further! The year 2024 promises to be an exciting one for K-drama fans, with a lineup of highly anticipated shows that will captivate your heart and keep you on the edge of your seat. From gripping romances to thrilling historical fantasies, there is something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the most exciting Korean dramas to watch in 2024.

1. Marry My Husband

Korean Dramas To Watch
Korean Dramas To Watch

Based on the popular webtoon Nae Nampyeongwa Gyeolhonhaejweo, “Marry My Husband” is a romance K-drama that tells the story of Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-Young), whose marriage is on the brink of collapse due to her husband’s infidelity with her friend, Jung Soo-min (Song Ha-yoon). Tragically, Kang is killed during a physical altercation with the pair. However, she mysteriously wakes up ten years in the past and seizes the opportunity to change her life while seeking revenge on her husband, Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi Kyung).

This gripping drama explores themes of love, betrayal, and second chances. As Kang Ji-won navigates her newfound ability to rewrite her past, viewers will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster filled with suspense and unexpected twists.

2. Love Song for Illusion

Korean dramas to watch

“Love Song for Illusion” is a historical fantasy romance that revolves around Sajo Hyun (Park Ji-hoon), a crown prince with two distinct personalities: Sajo Hyun and Ak-hee. By day, Sajo works as a talented fashion designer, concealing his true identity as a crown prince. However, when night falls and he transforms into Ak-hee, he possesses the unique ability to make people fall in love with him but suffers excruciating pain upon physical contact.

As fate would have it, Ak-hee falls in love with Yeon Wol (Hong Ye-ji), a young woman seeking revenge. Together, they embark on a journey filled with forbidden love, magical encounters, and the pursuit of justice. “Love Song for Illusion” promises to transport viewers to a mesmerizing world where love transcends time and boundaries.

3. Flex X Cop

Get ready for an action-packed comedy-drama with “Flex X Cop.” Ahn Bo-hyun, known for his role in “Itaewon Class,” takes on the role of a third-generation chaebol who follows his passion for justice by becoming a detective. Joining the Kangha Police Station’s violent crimes department, he teams up with the experienced detective Lee Gang-hyun (played by Park Ji-hyun).

As partners, this dynamic duo tackles challenging cases, unravels hidden secrets, and brings justice to those who need it most. “Flex X Cop” promises equal parts humor, action, and suspense, making it a must-watch for fans of thrilling, crime-solving dramas.

4. Queen of Divorce

“Queen of Divorce” delves into the world of divorce lawyers, following the lives of Kim Sa-ra and Dong Ki-joon as they fight for justice and help those facing difficult divorces. Kim, a former daughter-in-law of a prominent law family, teams up with Kang, a former prosecutor, to navigate the complexities of divorce cases.

Throughout the series, viewers will witness the emotional struggles, triumphs, and personal growth of both Kim and Dong. As they work together, a deep bond begins to form, blurring the lines between personal and professional relationships. With a stellar cast that includes Kang Ki-young and Lee Ji-ah, “Queen of Divorce” promises a compelling storyline with powerful performances.

5. Knight Flower

Prepare to be transported to the enchanting Joseon era with “Knight Flower.” The story revolves around Jo Yeon-hwa (played by Lee Hanee), a widow who leads a double life as a vigilante. By day, she fulfills her duties and responsibilities, but by night, she becomes a guardian angel for those in need. It is during one of her nightly encounters that she crosses paths with senior officer Park Soo-ho (Lee Jong-won).

As their relationship deepens, Jo finds herself dreaming of a future with Park, but the challenges they face threaten to tear them apart. “Knight Flower” beautifully captures the essence of love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of justice in a historical setting, leaving viewers captivated and yearning for more.


The year 2024 holds a wealth of exciting Korean dramas that promise to capture the hearts and imaginations of viewers. From gripping romances to thrilling historical fantasies, these shows offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of intense plot twists, heartwarming love stories, or action-packed dramas, the Korean dramas to watch in 2024 are sure to leave you entertained and eagerly awaiting the next episode.

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