5 Things You Should Know About Big Brother Naija Tacha

Big Brother Naija 2019 – Tacha

The new season of the popular TV show, Big Brother Naija, kicked off last night with 21 housemates who all have unique personalities. One of the housemates is Tacha, and here are 5 things you should know about her:

1. Age and state of origin: She is a 23-year-old lady from Rivers State, Nigeria. Tacha, talented at making strategic money moves, won’t hesitate to pick up her phone over sleep, any day and any time.

2. Favorite Singer: Tacha’s favorite singer is Cardi B and she lives her life just like the singer: “Do no harm but take no mess.”

3. What irritates her the most about other people? She hates gossipmongers with a passion.

4. What she will do with the prize money: Invest in new business ideas, increase her family’s standard of living, and start a charity foundation

5. Why she believes she will be a fan favorite: Because she is SYMPLYTACHA. She’s spontaneous, loud, interesting, lively, and fun.


Source: DSTV

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