Things Are Happening! Video Of An Alleged Alfa Having S*x With Mad Woman Leaked Online

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Leaked Video Of An Alleged Alfa Having S*x With Mad Woman In Ibadan Surfaces Online.

A man alleged to be an Alfa was caught having s*x with a mad woman in Ibadan.

In a Facebook video that has gone viral, the man is seen approaching the woman in a filthy backyard, lying on a concrete floor with her head resting on a mat.

He then turns around, pulls his trousers up, and appears to penetrate the woman.

Observers filming from a nearby house can be heard surprisedly whispering.

“Alfa o,” a woman is heard saying, shock evident in her voice.

“Ye, he’s sleeping with her, he’s sleeping with her,” a man is heard saying repeatedly.

“Stop speaking loudly,” the woman cautions him as they watch and film the Alfa in the act.

The woman expressed shock that the same Alfa who preaches to people can engage in such an act.

The man filming is heard calling the name of Jesus repeatedly while exclaiming in shock.

“This one is happening live in Ibadan o. Jesus Christ. Ahhhh. A man of God for that matter,” the man adds as he continues filming.

At this point, the man is seen standing up from the woman’s body while pulling his briefs and trouser back up to his waist.

The woman then points out that it is ”Alfas” like the man they are watching that is spoiling the reputation of the genuine Alfas and men of God.

While the pair is still reeling from the shock, the alleged Alfa opens a calabash, brings out a handkerchief, and uses it to wipe the mad woman’s private part while looking around to be certain no one is watching.

“Jesus, he wants to use it for juju,” the pair scream.

The video ends with the man walking out, leaving the mad woman lying on the same spot.

Watch video below:

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