Blackface Sues 2face Idibia Over Song Theft

Blackface Drags 2face Idibia To Court!

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo, known by his stage name Blackface has taken to his social media page to reveal that his lawyers have filed his claims against 2face Idibia in court over song theft.

Blackface disclosed that he waited this long before dragging 2face to court because he was trying to ensure they avoided such a situation.

He wrote on Instagram:

I sincerely want to apologize to close friends, relatives, well wishers who may have been affected by my actions or inactions over the years
I have always stood for a better Nigeria,equal rights and an agitator for a system in place in our country so adequate compensation be given to not only Nigerian songwriters but song writers and creators all over the world ,an industry where all players in the creative process are recognized and credited for their contribution to any piece of work used commercially or otherwise.

I will never be intimidated by any threat My intention has never been to expose anybody but the truth finds it’s way out eventually
My issues with Mr Innocent Idibia aka 2face & co are purely professional and my lawyers have filed my claims in Court, to be served to all parties in due time.

I apologize for the delay in taking this step, i was hoping they would do the right thing and the need for me to take them to court will not arise but alas I was wrong
I believe the legal system will resolve this eventually
I will also continue to defend myself in the 50Million suit they filled against me which comes up for mediation on the 25th of November 2019
Meanwhile, I will not make any further statements on this issue until both lawsuits are concluded as I have entrusted this matter to my lawyers and the justice system.

I appreciate all the good wishes from those who have reached out with their concerns over this protracted matter. Please bear with me as we calmly await the resolution of these cases.

Thank You All Mr Ahmedu Augustine (BlackFaceNaija)

blackface and 2face

Credit: @blackfacenaija

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