Body Parts That Can Regrow If Damaged, Cut Down

Scientists and researchers all around the world are making incredible strides toward medical marvels in the field of regenerative medicine. Recent discoveries have revealed a list of body parts that may be able to regrow, providing hope to people suffering from injuries or ailments that were long thought to be permanent.


The rib cage and clavicle are two bones in the body that have the ability to regenerate. Bone tissue may renew itself under the appropriate conditions and with the right medical assistance.


Fingertips have been demonstrated in studies to have healing potential. When the nail bed and some of the surrounding tissue are intact, the fingertips can regenerate and function can be restored.


The lining of the intestines has a high turnover rate. The intestines can regenerate in cases of damage or certain gastrointestinal diseases, allowing for normal function to be restored.


The skin has an amazing ability to renew. Minor cuts and abrasions can heal independently, while advances in skin grafting procedures have expanded the options for severe injuries.


The liver, known for its extraordinary regenerative capacity, can return to its former size even after major damage.

Taste Buds

Taste buds, or sensory receptors on the tongue, change frequently. This enables regeneration following injuries or as part of the natural aging process.

Blood Cells

The bone marrow is in charge of creating blood cells and has a strong regeneration capacity. This has important implications for the treatment of a variety of blood-related illnesses.


Hair follicles have the ability to regenerate and grow indefinitely. This feature has been tapped into in numerous hair transplant techniques, providing options for those suffering from hair loss.

Body Parts That Can Regrow
Body Parts That Can Regrow
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