Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Make Your CV Standout

How To Make Your CV Standout!

Is it necessary for your CV to follow a certain format or can you just create it however you please? The answer of course should be YES. It is very important to follow a generally accepted format for your CV.

The main purpose of creating this document in the first place is for you to showcase your skills and experience to employers.

We all know that everyone is not the same, hence, it is necessary that when trying to communicate to persons A, B, C, D with the same content, they should be able to understand and clearly interpret it the way you intended. This is why you should follow a certain format.

Are you confused as to what this should be?

Here is a mini-guide:

1. Your Name:
In order for you to ensure that your first name is not confused for your surname, you write your first name first, and your surname last in CAPITAL LETTERS. For example, Jane DOE.

2. Address:
This does not have to be written in full. The most important thing for Nigerian employers is to know your main location – Is it Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano? – and where? Yaba, Somolu, Mushin, Surulere?

3. Font and Font Size:
Make this consistent all through the document. This is very important. The reader should not see one large font in one place and a very small font in another place. That basically sends a signal to the reader that you’re either disorganised or lack attention to detail.

4. Work Experience:
This is majorly what your employer is in search of. Firstly, it is important to choose what experience you put on your CV for what job application. When asked for “relevant” experience, don’t throw the relevant out of the window and just list everything you’ve done in this world. It would only hurt your chances. Pick which ones are the most important. And under each one, have about 4 bullet points explaining the roles you played in each job post. It is not necessary to include 8-10. The important ones might be skipped and that would be bad for you.

5. Number of Pages:
Are you an undergraduate, or a recent graduate? Your CV should be about 1-2 pages long. Do you have a few years of work experience? Your CV should not be 5 pages long. Except your employer has all the time in the world, your full document will not be read. Keep the pages minimal, and only add what is very important.

6. First-Person Pronoun:
“I did”, “I worked”, “I conducted”, exclude the pronoun I from your CV. Yes, it was your work, but make it more professional.
E.g. Worked on a group project with 4 other colleagues.
This example shows you did the job, collaborated with people (teamwork) and the number of people is clearly stated.

cv format

These are just a few tips for you when curating your CV. Do you have more to add? Please share with us via the comment section.

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