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Al-Muminaat Advises Entrepreneurs To Take Calculated Risks, Dream Big!

Al-Muminat (The Believing Women) Organisation, Ijebu-Remo zone, has challenged entrepreneurs to take prudent risks and dream big. This advice was given during the organization’s annual Al-Mu’minaat week, which was tagged HOME PILLAR: Society Reformer.

Why speaking on the importance of entrepreneurial thinking, the believing women stated that entrepreneurs who are unwilling to take chances may not be able to grow their business. They advise business owners to expand their businesses by taking measured risks because that’s where survival is.


Read statement below:


All praises and adorations belong to Allah, The Lord of worlds, the Supreme Majesty, The Beginning and the End, The Source of all Inspiration and Wisdom. May His peace and blessing be on noble Muhammad Mustafa(saw), His household, companion and those that follow his footsteps till day of qiyyamah. Amin.

… I welcome you all to this remarkable occasion by saying Assalamun alaekum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Our theme for today’s discourse is WHY ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKING IS IMPORTANT. Entrepreneurial thinking is the ability to see things differently than the rest of the world. It can be easily developed or improved. It is more like a state of mind that opens your eye to new learning opportunities and helps you grow in your role.
Having entrepreneurial thinking skills and putting them to good use is not only important for the business owners alone but for everyone pursuing life goals. They tend to think creatively and take ownership of their jobs as well as their performance.
Entrepreneurial thinking helps you stay ahead of others at work. It can change your attribute to word organization as well as yourself.
How to improve your thinking skills, one must be passionate about your work, passion is the heart of success in any human endeavour.

Risks taking is a common feature among entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who cannot take risks may not be able to grow their businesses. So enjoin us to grow our businesses by taking calculated risks, cause that’s where our survival is. Dream big, and follow it up. Never limit your dream.
As Muslim women, we must make sure that we impact Islamic teaching among entrepreneurs and in our own businesses, that is a veritable means of doing dawah.
Excellence is the hallmark of Islam, so we must improve the quality of our products and services, this will improve our visibility as a people and our quality of life will also be enhanced.
I appreciate all my fellow sisters in the zonal cabinet for their support and also thank all our members and well-wishers for their understanding. I implore us all to continue to make all required sacrifices to move the entrepreneurial organ of Al-Mu’minaat Organisation to greater heights.
May Almighty Allah (SWT) accept it as an act of worship and may He make our dream of attaining greater height be actualized.
We will continue to work relentlessly to seek the pleasure of Allah and we pray that Allah (SWT) make meet in Jannat firdaus after our sojourn on this earth. Amin.
Wasalamun alaekum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

This year’s edition of Al-Mu’minaat Week started with tours to some media houses. The team of Al-Muminaat train paid a courtesy/tour visit to NTA Ijebu ode on Wednesday 18th August 2021 in which the officer in charge in the person of Alh.Mrs. Ramatu Salaudeen host the executive with a warm embrace and promise solidification between the Believing Women and the media FM.

Thereafter the moving train moved down to the radio house which is Lion FM 93.9 in Ijebu Imushin in which an opportunity was given to showcase what the organisation have on the schedule. The chairman of Lion FM, Otunba Abiodun Odigan welcomed them with an open embrace and gave them a slot of weekly presentations.

The train of Al-Muminaat week also paid an humanitarian visit to the Ogun State Teaching Hospital, Olabisi Onabanjo University teaching (OOUTH), Sagamu. The management of OOUTH led by Dr Edward Jagun (the acting Chief Medical Director (MD) and his team welcomed Al-Muminat with a heartfelt embrace and pledge to support Al-Muminaat programs whenever it is being brought to OOUTH.

Al-Muminat presented some bedspreads as donations to the management and then moved down to Ansaarudeen Mosque at Bolohun Sowo Hall with the presence of their indefatigable mother whose presence was felt awesomely.

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