‘How Do I Stop’: Lady Laments Sleeping With Every Guy In Her Street

A Nigerian lady has turned to the internet to seek help from netizens as she struggles with what she claims to be a promiscuity addiction.

She said she is unable to stop herself from sleeping with every guy in her neighborhood.

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The lady revealed that her inability to restrain the urge had forced her to move every year.

She showed extreme guilt and regret for her behavior and sought people’s advice.

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“Is it a bad habit if, as a lady, you cannot rest until you sleep with every guy in your street?

“I feel ashamed most times, and I relocate to a different area every year, yet I will still do the same thing. Just last week I came to this new area, and I have slept with four different guys. How do I stop?” she wrote.

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Sleeping around
Lady sleeping around

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