‘True Love Find Me’: Lady Baths Herself With Eggs, Video Stirs Reactions

A video of a Nigerian lady bathing herself with eggs has stirred reactions online.

In the viral video, the lady speaking in Igbo is seen cracking eggs and pouring them over her body while praying for “true love.”

Netizens react:

@ug_bby: “DSS suppose carry this woman, do you know how much egg is in the market Na em you Dey waste am on top man wey go still cheat ????????????…. It’s well.”

@alaketiger83: “I was going to type “wastage” but at least she moisturized her scalp.”

@beccaopaluwa: “Who is now videoing her? I though this kinda stuffs are to be done in private? Also why is she wasting eggs ????she and her videographer should be arrested.”

@fashion_magicblog: “It’s doesn’t work darling, wait for your right time.”

@unlimited_surprise: “How do we called this??
Put your trust in the LORD!!!”

@annielilshawty: “She’s not looking for any love she just clout chasing ????”

@imojekwu: “Occult ritual and sacrifice is bondage. Satan will put you in bondage, but Christ will set you free. Go to God in prayers for your needs and not the evil one Satan.”

@indycrawford: “Definitely a waste of time and eggs.????????”

@babygold668: “????????????????e don reach like this????????????????????”

@ojiugookoli: “The rate young women are going these days, it’s unfortunate that social media has elevated Ill gotten wealth over productivity and hard work.
Materialistic life would be the bane of many young women.
Anything you get using false pretence or manipulation never last.”

@officialdayo_: “Millions of people don see your face, how will you get a true love ????????”

@ken_dallofficial: “True love wey people Dey wash themselves with egg na him I find like that? God is good????????”

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