See The Surprise Gift John Boyega Gave His Parents

john boyega

John Boyega Buys House For His Nigerian Parents!

British Nigerian actor John Boyega has made his parent proud. The talented actor bought a house for his parents in London and the video has been trending online.

Boyega and his sister tricked their parents to the house by telling them they would be attending an interview. They were both stunned and silent after he broke the news.

John Boyega Parents

According to his wikipedia page, his dad, Samson Adegboyega is a Pentecostal minister while his mum, Abigail Adegboyega (nee aboderin) works with the disabled. Congratulations to them!

Watch videos below:

The actor has starred in several Hollywood blockbusters including the Star Wars franchise, Detroit, The Circle and TV shows like 24.

john boyega
Photo Credit: Instagram

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