Here’s How Much Jose Mourinho Has Been Paid For His Dismissal As Football Manager

Jose Mourinho Has Been Paid A Total Of £93.5 Million For His Dismissal As Football Manager.

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho, a former football manager and coach, has been paid a whopping £93.5 million for his sackings.

Following a bad run of form in the Premier League, Tottenham sacked Mourinho and his coaching staff on Monday morning, April 19.

He only lasted 17 months, but the 58-year-old is set to earn a massive payout.

Mourinho is expected to earn £30 million after club chairman Daniel Levy agreed to terminate his four-year deal.

It’s now been announced that a slew of other clubs paid Mourinho large sums after sacking him in the middle of his contracts.

Since joining Chelsea in 2007, Mourinho has had four of his contracts terminated early: Chelsea in 2007, Real Madrid in 2013, Chelsea in 2015, and Manchester United in 2018.

The cost of those early terminations is detailed in the financial statements of each of the English clubs involved.

Chelsea: £23.07m (first time), £8.30m (second time), Manchester United: £19.60m
Tottenham is due to pay him about £30 million after sacking him. Real Madrid paid him £17 million after sacking him.

So, during his distinguished managerial career, Mourinho has earned a staggering £93.5 million in compensation for his sackings.

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