“I Would Say They Made A Big Mistake” – Kanu Nwankwo Blasts Arsenal For Selling Alex Iwobi

“I Would Say They Made A Mistake” – Kanu Nwankwo On Arsenal Selling Alex Iwobi To Everton.

Football legend, Kanu Nwankwo, has reacted to Arsenal selling 23-year-old player, Alex Iwobi. According to him, Arsenal made 100 percent mistake for selling Iwobi to Everton.

Read Nwankwo’s full speech below:

I would say they made a mistake, 100 per cent.
Why they let him go, I don’t know.
He’s a boy who, in and out, is Arsenal. He always wanted to do his best for the club. He loves the club, but not only that he can play football.
What he brings week in, week out, the fans need to appreciate that.

I think he is still young and those are the type of people you want in the team, people who grew up here, who knows everything about the club and wants to die for the club.
He was one of them, so for us to lose him and to let him go, was a shock. I couldn’t really believe we did it, but that’s football.

It was a surprise to everybody because it happened right at the end of the window. If I knew earlier, I could have said to him not to go and that it was better for him to stay.
I would have said that there was no need for him to go because at Arsenal he will still play. He’s that good and he needs to know that.

I think Arsenal would have been the best place for him because it’s a big club and you want to play in a big club and in Europe. Those are the games you want to play.

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