Migrant Crisis In Spain: Morroccan Teenagers Enter Spain Through Sea

Morroccan Teenagers

Morroccan Teenagers Enter Spain Through Sea, Causing A Migrant Crisis In Spain.

Morroccan teenagers spotted in the border of Spain with nothing but their clothes on their back. About 6,000 migrants including children swim from Morroco to Spain as Spanish military intercept them.

The migrants were all males not even a single girl spotted in there with them, and the most scariest thing was how young they are. One of the teenagers who was interviewed, was asked about his age and he brought out his ten fingers and then four fingers, which means he is fourteen and he just risks his life by swimming through the sea from the Northern part of Africa to Spain.

Morroccan teenagers

After spending an hour swimming through the sea from Morroco, they came out of the water so cold and shivering, some got wounded by the rocks immediately they saw the Spanish military. The Spainish government are trying to contact the families of the teenagers.

The prime minister of Spain isn’t taking it lightly as he is ready to send all the migrants back to their country.

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