Muslimah Style: 7 Jumu’ah Outfit Ideas You Can Try For A New Look

outfit ideas

Keeping It Stylish!  7 Jumu’ah Outfit Ideas For Modest Fashion Lovers.

Being modest and stylish may seem like a difficult task; but trust me, it is not all it seems. It’s another Friday and we obviously desire a decent outfit that will show our fashion sense.

Be it a Muslim or non-Muslim, here are 7 Jumu’ah outfit ideas that will definitely give you a new look.

1. Flowy Lace Abaya

outfit ideas
This outfit can give you the classy and majestic look you deserve. It is the right choice to bring out that modesty in you and still leave you fashionable. You can pair this with a turban, short scarf or a mini hijab.

2. Floral Dress

A black long-sleeve top was worn under this colourful floral dress to keep the modesty intact. For someone looking for a sophisticated look, this combination is for you.

3. White Jalabiya

outfit ideas

White symbolizes purity and it brightens the face! White Jalabiya is a very common trend that has come to stay and we are ready to rock it modestly and fashionably.

4. Corporate Look

outfit ideas

A working Muslimah can always find a way to keep that corporate look modest, stylish and fashionable. This particular outfit serves as a great inspiration for Muslimahs who have to dress corporately on Fridays.

5. Pleated Chiffon Gown

outfit ideas

The combination of this onion-pink pleated chiffon gown and black hijab is absolutely elegant. This is a perfect Jumu’ah look which even a non-Muslim can try. It is comfortable, chic, and stylish!

6. Long Skirt And Tucked-in Top

This is another style-inspiration for a Muslimah doing a white-collar job. If you are choosing a black skirt just like in the picture, match it with a black hijab, but the top has to be of a different colour to balance the combination.

7. Ankara/Hijab Combination

outfit ideas

Just like Zahra Buhari and Rahama Sadau you can rock ankara style with hijab and this will give you a perfect African look.

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