Maturity Is Not Determined By Age – Nkechi Blessing Praises Her Younger Boo

Nkechi Blessing Sunday has taken to social media to praise her younger boo as she continues to bask in the euphoria of her new love life.

The actress, who has recently made headlines due to a series of displays she posts on her social media accounts, claims that one’s understanding and the ability to apply pressure has nothing to do with age.

Nkechi Blessing confirmed that she is older than her newfound lover by sharing a picture of them together in a loving manner on her Instagram story and noting that maturity is not measured by age.

“Sometimes, maturity is not about how old you are. This man changed my life…thank you daddy” Nkechi Blessing captioned her Instagram story.

We recall Nkechi Blessing Sunday has advised women on how to make their relationships last.

According to the actress who has been flaunting her Warri-born sweetheart, a woman must respect her partner and be a baby around him no matter how big, successful or famous she is. Nkechi added that it is critical to delegate decision-making authority to the man.

“No matter how big/successful or famous you are, respect your partner, be a baby around him, let him make d decisions and most importantly let him be the man,” she wrote.

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