5 Reasons Your Stool Is Black

black stool

Black stool is a common symptom of many health problems. It can be due to any number of reasons. Here are some reasons your stool is black:

1. You are not getting enough fiber in your diet

Fiber is important for regular bowel movements. It helps to keep the digestive tract healthy, which in turn means that you’ll have fewer constipation issues and more regularity when it comes to keeping things moving down there. Fiber also helps keep your blood sugar stable, lowers cholesterol levels, and keeps blood pressure down—all of which can help prevent heart disease or stroke.

2. There is something wrong with your digestive tract

Black stools are often a sign that there is something wrong with your digestive tract. If the stools have a sulfur smell or if they smell bad when they are wet, then you may have an infection in the stomach and/or intestines. This can be caused by heavy iron concen, which can cause black stools and cramps in your lower abdomen (stomach). 

3. Stool is mixed with blood

You should see a doctor if you have blood in your stool. If the blood is black and oily, it may be best to avoid taking some medications until you speak with your doctor.

4. You have ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease and need to eat foods high in fiber

If you have ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease and need to eat foods high in fiber, your stools may be black. Fiber is important for good digestive health because it helps to keep your digestive tract healthy. It can also reduce inflammation and the risk of colon cancer, as well as constipation.

5. You drink a lot of black tea, coffee, and coffee substitute drinks

Black tea, coffee, and coffee substitute drinks are high in tannins. Tannins are chemicals that can stain the colon, skin, and stomach lining. Because they’re hard to break down by the body, tannins can accumulate in your system over time and cause constipation or diarrhea.

If you drink a lot of black tea, coffee, or coffee substitute drinks (such as soda), don’t worry—it’s not because you’re an alcoholic! Tea contains caffeine that may make you feel more thirsty than usual, so it’s important to keep track of how much water you’re drinking throughout the day if this is something that affects your daily routine.


If you get black stools, it’s important to consult with a doctor because some diseases can cause these symptoms. You should also consider taking an over-the-counter probiotic supplement like Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG which helps to restore the good bacteria in your gut and improve digestion as well as overall health.


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