Service to the Vulnerable Foundation Distributes Food Items to Lagos Residents

A non-governmental organisation, Service to the Vulnerable Foundation (SVF), has distributed food items to over 100 residents of Lagos to alleviate the impact of price hikes and the food crisis in Nigeria. 

The organisation provided items such as rice, beans, sachet tomatoes, pasta, salt, and groundnut oil, among other condiments, as part of its mission to support vulnerable Nigerians and enhance their well-being. 

Founder Halimat Olajuwon Shotala emphasised the importance of addressing the basic needs of vulnerable individuals and announced the formal launch of the foundation, marking the beginning of increased collaboration and outreach to beneficiaries such as orphans, widows, and the elderly. 

A trustee of the organisation, Mr. Ajani Hakeem, described SVF as a non-profit committed to fostering compassionate communities and impacting the lives of vulnerable people through various programmes, including scholarships, comprehensive support, community empowerment, sustainable livelihoods, and advocacy for social inclusion. 

Recipients of the food aid, including single mother Abosede Sakari, expressed gratitude and called for continued support, highlighting their needs for accommodation and business expansion. 

Another beneficiary, who recently lost her husband, appealed to the government and other relevant stakeholders to provide accommodation and assist her in expanding her jewellery business to be able to cater for the needs of her children.

Meanwhile, a visually impaired man who also benefited from the food aid programme appreciated the efforts of the SVF team in providing food items to them, as he also pleaded for support to help him improve his sight.

“I have children, but they are also not financially capable of supporting me. Their mother is dead, and I have been the one catering for them.“

Olusoji Sunday said he needs a scholarship for his son and urged the foundation to come to his aid when there is a future opening for scholarships and education grants.

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