9 Amazing Shea Butter Benefits For Hair And Skin

Shea Butter – Benefits For Hair And Skin.

shea butter benefits

Whether we admit it or not, shea butter has become one of the most valuable beauty ingredients and a must-have in every lady’s home.

It serves a lot of purposes as it’s useful for not just the hair, but also the skin. Do you know some people use shea butter for cooking? We would have loved to write about that but this article is focused on shea butter’s benefits for the hair and skin.

shea butter benefits

Shea butter’s benefit for hair

Beauty blogger, Busayo Banjoko, who is on natural hair, agrees that shea butter is an excellent product for natural hair divas. If you aren’t on natural hair, you must have heard one or two naturalistas boast on how shea butter has played an important role in their natural look. Don’t fret, shea butter is not just for those on natural hair, it’s good for all hair types.

Benefits of shea butter on hair

1. An excellent moisturizer: Shea butter helps soften the hair. Are you one of those who cry while combing hair? Apply shea butter a number of times and you will be able to tell a difference.

2. Hair treatment: You can use shea butter to combat hair problem like dandruff. All you need to do is touch up the spots with shea butter and in few days you will be able to notice the change.

3. Good hair appearance: With shea butter, you can achieve a better hair appearance. It helps hair shine giving you a more appealing look.

4. Enhances hair growth: Another impressive benefit of shea butter is that it rejuvenates hair follicles, providing a better environment for healthy hair growth and reducing hair loss.

Are you ready for that soft, shiny and long hair? Add shea butter to your list now, it is cheap, available, and affordable.

Now to the benefit of shea butter on the skin. You must have been wondering what good shea butter can do for you in a country like Nigeria – with the hot and burning sun. You would be surprised; here are benefits of shea butter on the skin.

5. Skin diseases: Shea butter contains Vitamin A, E, and F which help keep your skin healthy. It treats a lot of skin diseases including eczema, dermatitis and rashes.

6. Wound healing: Shea butter has healing properties because of the phytonutrients it contains. This magical butter heals wounds, cuts, and abrasions quickly with regular application.

7. A solution to dry skin: Shea butter is a perfect solution to dry skin. it moisturizes the body making it smooth and shiny. It also soothes chapped lips giving it a soft and supple appearance.

8. Reduces itches: If you are feeling itchy, shea butter may come in handy, providing a soothing feeling.

9. A remedy for wrinkles:  Shea butter helps to decrease wrinkles, blemishes and it also reduces stretch marks.

shea butter benefits

The best time to apply shea butter on the skin is in the night. So it doesn’t affect your other skincare routines. If you have other benefits of shea butter you’ve noticed, don’t forget to share with us in the comment section below.

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