Stop Talking Down on Single Mums, Divorcees – Actress Rita Edochie Begs Nigerians

Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has urged people who speak negatively about single mothers and divorcees to desist from it.

The actress made the plea in a post on her Instagram page.

According to her, a woman being single or a divorcee doesn’t mean she is irresponsible or wayward.

Edochie said there are millions of single mothers and divorcees out there who are more responsible than married women.

She added that they are capable breadwinners who comfortably pay their bills and those of their kids.

“Stop talking down on single mothers and divorcees, tagging them irresponsible because you do not know the circumstances surrounding the divorce.

“See, don’t tell me the best way to determine if a woman is responsible or wayward is her ability to be in marriage with a man; I can never agree to that. There are millions of single parents and divorcees out there who are more responsible than most women who are in their husbands houses.

“These women tend to be productive and resourceful. They are capable breadwinners who comfortably pay their bills and those of their kids. Being in a man’s house doesn’t define your goodness as a woman, and it has nothing to do with being responsible,” Edochie wrote.


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Netizens react:

@rosythrone: “Rita Edochie is that kinda in-law you’d appreciate to have, she’s very very sensible and support good things.”

@amara_shuga: At least she is resting now and understanding that yul have moved on, you can’t stop a man that doesn’t want to be stopped.”

@annabelllaa32: “If you believe she’s right please gather here!!!”

@victorious_st: “Single moms are the best. The most courageous people in the world.”

@sexykayla234: “I never wish to be a single mom buh it has happened…. I have forgiven myself….. so let us breathe.”

@_winwom: “No true words, I have seen too many irresponsible married ladies. A single mother is the most responsible sef cause she’s afraid of mistakes.”

@nnenna_aldo: “Rita Edochie is the sort of mother in-law every woman should pray to have ❤❤❤ She won’t let her son wrong you and go scott free.”

@blemiviv_skincare: “Some didn’t even choose to be single mums but life happened ???? ….let single mums breathe ????.”

@lucy_ng2: “If you divorce once I will say maybe you did mistake, but if becomes a hobby omo I will judge, you have bad character period ????.”

@mannequin_lordess: “They all know, but they would rather not accept it.”

@fitmak_official: ,”Who still cares about other people’s opinions these days. Just the right thing and shut everyone else who doesn’t belong in your life out.”

@moonlightclothingng_: “Yes please ! They didn’t choose that , attimes circumstances! Do not ever make jest of someone over something they can’t/might not control.”

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