Sanwo-Olu Finally Reacts To Twitter Ban In Nigeria, Says “Federal Govt Can Handle This A Lot Better”

What Sanwo-Olu Has To Say About Twitter Ban In Nigeria!

Twitter ban in Nigeria! Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has reacted to the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria. According to the governor, the Federal government can handle this a lot better.

In a chat with Arise TV on Monday, June 7, Sanwo-Olu stated that the Federal Government should have weighed the ban’s economic impact.

Twitter ban in Nigeria
Twitter ban in Nigeria

“Federal government can handle this a lot better. Because of the number of eCommerce, the number of youths doing digital stuff on the internet, and we cannot throw that away and say it’s not happening. I believe there could be a lot of restraint and better management from both sides.

“On both sides, there are issues that can be resolved between Twitter and the government and I think what they’ve done is not a ban but a suspension like they said, so in the period of suspension let us sit down.

“If we have 40 million users of that micro-blogger and another country has five million and they chose to take their investment to a country that have five million compared to a country with 40 million. It speaks to the reason we need to have that conversation with them. Probably if they have an office here things would have been done a lot quicker and better, ” Sanwo-Olu said.


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