Oyinbo Man Calls Out Ola of Lagos Over Price of Jet, He Responds

Nigerian influencer Waris Olayinka Akinwande, popularly called Ola of Lagos, has been called out by an American man, Steve Varsano, for overinflating the price of a private jet.

In a viral video, Steve Varsano, who runs a private jet channel, slammed Ola of Lagos’s lack of knowledge about private jets and their prices.

According to him, the actual price of the jet the influencer called $16 million is $5 million.

He claimed that the jet is one of the oldest and is inexpensive.

The private jet expert said Ola of Lagos shouldn’t be doing a review about private jets because he doesn’t know much about them.


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Responding to the video, Ola of Lagos said the $16 million jet price was decided by his client and not him.

Watch Ola of Lagos’s response to the video below:

The video sparked reactions online, with many people taking to the comments section to share their thoughts.

See reactions:

@CHEEKA: “Nigeria always inflate the values on everything just to show off. None of these things are worth the prices they put on them. OlaofLagos you’ve been BURSTED!!!”

@????: “Oga relax no use our OlaofLagos trend I no understand.”

@CLASSIQUE ????: “So olaofLagos they lie ????.”

@Obi kwest: “OlaofLagos is always over exaggerating his price.”

@Khalid Scott 33: “Dem don finally cast Ola of Lagos????????????????.”

@Xen: “Bro said $2million then changed it to $5Million. y’all don’t know the real price or what?”

@nbadivine: “@Lord øf Lamba this guy don finish our OLA of lagos ????.”

@Millie⚡️: ““This guy really should not be doing review of an airplane” part tear me????????.”

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