DJ Cuppy May Not Be Available Till 2022 For This Reason

Why DJ Cuppy Won’t Be Available Till 2022.

Billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy, has said that if she does not respond to anyone between now and 2022, it is because she is busy.

Remember when DJ Cuppy revealed that she had been accepted to Oxford University and would be continuing her studies soon? She also released a video in which she is seen asking her billionaire father to pay for her school, but he refuses because she can now afford it.

DJ cuppy

Now, she took to Instagram to say that if she doesn’t respond to anyone between now and 2022, they shouldn’t be concerned because she is busy djing across the country, working on new music, and launching her jewelry line.

Cuppy also revealed that she is now a full-time Oxford University student. The Gelato singer has proved that she has a lot on her plate and has no time to waste.


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