Footballing Twins: Footballers Who Are Twins

Football is a sport that captivates millions around the world, with its fast-paced action, skillful plays, and fierce competition. And within the world of football, there exists a special bond that goes beyond teammates and rivalries – the bond of twin footballers. These exceptional individuals not only share a deep connection as siblings but also pursue their passion for the beautiful game at a professional level. Follow us as we go into the world of footballing twins.

Lars and Sven Bender

Footballing twins

One of the most renowned pairs of footballing twins is Lars and Sven Bender from Germany. The brothers had a successful career playing together for Bayer Leverkusen before retiring in 2021. Sven, a versatile player, achieved great success at Borussia Dortmund, winning two Bundesliga titles and reaching the Champions League final in 2013. Lars, known for his leadership qualities, captained Bayer Leverkusen and represented Germany in the 2016 Rio Olympics, where the team won the Silver medal.

Jurrien and Quinten Timber

A fresh face in the world of footballing twins is Jurrien Timber, who recently completed his move to Arsenal from Ajax. Jurrien’s twin brother Quinten, on the other hand, continues to play for Feyenoord in the Dutch League. While Jurrien primarily plays as a defender, Quinten showcases his skills in midfield. Both brothers honed their talent at the Ajax Academy before venturing into professional football. Although Quinten is yet to receive a senior national team call-up, he has already represented his country at the junior levels.

Frank and Ronald de Boer

Frank and Ronald de Boer, twin brothers from the Netherlands, have had a remarkable career in soccer, marked by their exceptional success and unbreakable bond. Born on May 15, 1970, the de Boer brothers have left a lasting legacy in the game, playing for renowned clubs such as Barcelona, Rangers, and Ajax.

During their time at Barcelona, Frank and Ronald impressed spectators with their coordinated movements and telepathic understanding. Their teamwork and exceptional abilities earned them widespread acclaim. The de Boer twins then joined Rangers, where they continued to astound fans with their synergy, tactical awareness, and technical prowess. Their contributions to the team’s success solidified their status as football icons.

Returning to Ajax, their home club, Frank and Ronald showcased their proficiency in both individual and collective play. They demonstrated a deep understanding of the club’s philosophy and delivered awe-inspiring performances. Throughout their career, Frank and Ronald de Boer exemplified the essence of twin synchronicity, setting new standards for the combination of family bonds and football brilliance.

Jacob and Josh Murphy

Footballing twins

The Murphy brothers, Jacob and Josh, have made their mark as talented wingers in English football. Jacob played a crucial role in Newcastle United’s successful campaign, helping the team secure a fourth-place finish and a return to the Champions League. Meanwhile, Josh currently plies his trade at Oxford United in League One. The twins began their football journey together in Norwich’s academy before taking separate paths in their careers. While neither brother has received a senior cap for England, their skills and potential are undeniable.

Ray and Rod Wallace

Ray and Rod Wallace hold a special place in Premier League history as the first twins to grace the league. Both brothers had the privilege of playing for Leeds United during the early 1990s. While Ray’s time in the Premier League was brief, with only seven appearances, Rod had a more notable career, scoring an impressive 45 goals in 197 top-flight matches.

The story of the Wallace brothers began at Southampton, where their older brother Danny made his breakthrough into the first team in 1980. Following in his footsteps, Ray and Rod also joined Southampton. In October 1988, during a match against Sheffield Wednesday, a remarkable milestone occurred – all three Wallace brothers were on the pitch at the same time, marking the first record of three brothers playing for the same team in 68 years.

The Wallaces’ journey in soccer, from Southampton to Leeds United, showcases their family’s talent and contribution to the sport. Their historic presence in the Premier League as the first twins and their unique moment of playing alongside their older brother adds an extra layer of significance to their soccer legacy.

Rafael and Fabio Pereira da Silva

The Da Silva twins, Rafael and Fabio, both hailing from Brazil, have made their mark on the world of football during their time at Manchester United in the English Premier League. Born on July 9, 1990, in Petrópolis, Brazil, the twins began their professional careers at Fluminense in their home country before being signed by Manchester United at the age of 17 in 2007.

Rafael quickly became a fan favorite at Manchester United due to his energetic and attacking style of play. Operating as a right-back, Rafael was known for his speed, tenacity, and ability to contribute to the team’s offense. His performances earned him considerable success, including four Premier League titles and the UEFA Champions League victory in the 2007-2008 season.

Fabio, although not as prominently featured as his brother Rafael, also demonstrated his talent during his time at Manchester United. Playing as a left-back, Fabio was recognized for his speed, versatility, and defensive skills. He too experienced success at the club, winning multiple Premier League titles and even playing in the 2011 UEFA Champions League final. In 2014, Fabio transferred to Cardiff City in the English Championship and later played for Middlesbrough in the same league. Currently, Fabio is a player for Vasco da Gama, a Brazilian club.

Florentin and Mathias Pogba

Footballing twins

The Pogba brothers, Florentin and Mathias, hail from a family that is deeply passionate about football. They are best known for being the brothers of the famous French footballer, Paul Pogba. While Paul has achieved international fame and success, it is important to recognize the contributions of his twin brothers to the world of football.

Florentin Pogba has made a name for himself as a central defender. He began his professional career in 2011 with the French club Sedan before transferring to AS Saint-Étienne in 2012. During his time at AS Saint-Étienne, Florentin established himself as a regular starter, gaining recognition for his physicality and defensive skills.

On the other hand, Mathias Pogba has pursued a career as a forward, playing for various clubs throughout his career. While he may not have achieved the same level of fame as his twin brother, Mathias has showcased his talent and commitment to the sport. He started his career at Celta Vigo B in Spain and went on to play for clubs such as Wrexham in the United Kingdom, Partick Thistle in Scotland, and Tours in France. Mathias has also represented the Guinean national team, although he hasn’t been a consistent member of the squad like his brother Florentin.

Hamit and Halil Altıntop

Footballing twins

Hamit Altıntop and Halil Altıntop, both Turkish football players, have left a lasting impression on the game with their immense talent and unwavering dedication. Hamit, a midfielder, showcased his exceptional skills while playing for renowned clubs like Schalke 04, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid. His technical abilities and game intelligence made him a crucial asset to his teams. With versatility in his play, Hamit orchestrated the game effortlessly, skillfully maneuvering through opposing defenses and creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. He also represented the Turkish national team, displaying his commitment to his country.

Halil, on the other hand, made his mark as a forward, captivating fans with his breathtaking displays of skill and precision. He proved his goal-scoring prowess and exceptional ability to find the back of the net during successful spells at Schalke 04, Kaiserslautern, and Trabzonspor. Equipped with a sharp eye for opportunities, Halil fearlessly maneuvered through defenses, leaving opponents in awe of his finesse.

The Challenges of Being Footballing Twins

While the journey of footballing twins is undoubtedly remarkable, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Sibling rivalry can intensify when both brothers are vying for positions in the same team or competing against each other in high-stakes matches. The pressure to live up to expectations and comparisons can be overwhelming, adding an extra layer of complexity to their careers. However, these challenges often fuel their determination and drive to succeed, pushing them to reach greater heights in the sport they love.


Footballing twins are a fascinating phenomenon within the world of football. From the Bender brothers’ success in Germany to the Pogba twins’ rise to stardom, these individuals have showcased their skills and left an indelible mark on the sport. The story continues with the emergence of new talents like Jurrien and Quinten Timber, Jacob and Josh Murphy, and many others who are making their presence felt. As we celebrate their achievements, let us appreciate the unique bond and unwavering passion that drives these footballing twins to excel in the beautiful game.

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