Global Fund Supplies Equipment, 72 Vans for Nigeria’s HIV, TB, Malaria Fight

In a landmark demonstration of collaborative efforts to combat the prevalence of HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, the Nigerian government, in its enduring alliance with the Global Fund, has recently received a significant investment grant. 

This grant encompasses a comprehensive provision, including 72 vehicles and state-of-the-art laboratory diagnostic equipment, specifically tailored for the HIV and TB programmes.

The ceremonious unveiling and handover of this equipment, allocated under the GC6 grants by Global Fund Investments, was held at the Federal Central Medical Stores in Oshodi, Lagos, under the thematic banner of “Making Global Funds Investment Work for Nigeria.”

Integral to this contribution are 72 Hilux vehicles, accompanied by a range of sophisticated equipment such as the Quatre True Machine, TB Lamp, Portable Digital X-Ray Machine, Mobile Chest X-Ray Vans of the EasyDR type, and Facility-Based Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Enabled Digital Chest X-Ray Machines, alongside Biological Safety Cabinet Class B2 for 45 Bidirectional Testing Health Facilities.

Head of Grant Management at Global Fund, Mark Edington, elucidated that the deployment of Hilux vans across Nigeria’s states serves a logistical imperative, augmenting the efficiency of healthcare delivery in the battle against these three diseases. 

Valued at approximately $2,880,000, these vehicles have been strategically acquired to fortify the HIV/TB collaboration, with all 72 units successfully delivered to the Federal Central Medical Stores in Oshodi, Lagos.

Moreover, the investment encompasses the procurement of 333 Quatre TrueNat machines, facilitating nationwide deployment to bridge diagnostic gaps in tuberculosis management. This technology is capable of conducting 40 to 48 tests within an 8-hour timeframe, contributing significantly to timely and accurate diagnoses.

The deployment of the Truelab Real-Time quantitative micro-PCR system from Molbio Diagnostics underscores a revolutionary stride in bringing PCR technology to the point of care. This portable system, operational across various healthcare settings, empowers frontline healthcare workers with the capability to diagnose a wide spectrum of infectious diseases promptly and accurately, facilitating timely treatment initiation.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Health Muhammad Ali Pate, represented by Dr. Tunji Alausa, Minister of State for Health, lauded the pivotal role of the Global Fund as a principal partner in Nigeria’s healthcare delivery. 

“Over the past decade, the Global Fund’s support, totaling 4.6 million dollars, coupled with Nigeria’s substantial commitment exceeding 40 million dollars, has significantly fortified the nation’s healthcare landscape.”

Looking beyond the grant, the government emphasises the imperative of strengthening healthcare infrastructure and augmenting human resources to safeguard the populace effectively. The president’s unwavering commitment to channelling additional funding directly into healthcare systems underscores a resolute dedication to transformative change, ensuring equitable access to modern equipment and facilities.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Health, in his remarks, extolled the Global Fund’s enduring support, envisioning its transformative impact in propelling Nigeria towards unprecedented healthcare progress. Expressing profound gratitude, he affirmed the collective commitment of all healthcare stakeholders to advancing humanity’s well-being, epitomising a steadfast resolve to contribute to societal welfare consistently.

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