How To Win An Argument With Someone Who Will Never Admit He’s Wrong

Here is how to win an argument with someone who will never admit he’s wrong according to Flavian Mwasi.

A life coach and mentor, Flavian Mwasi, has provided some tips on how to win an argument with someone who won’t accept he’s wrong:

1. Be An Eagle

The eagle never fights the snake on the ground. After snatching it, it lifts it up into the sky and changes the battleground, and then releases it from the sky to fall hard on the ground.

How to win argument

In the air, the snake has no stamina, is useless, weak, and vulnerable, and has no power, and no balance, unlike on the ground where it is powerful, wise, subtle, and deadly.

The eagle’s powerful eye vision, raw speed, and agility, are its greatest advantages. Speed of attack is even more important. It doesn’t matter how fast or poisonous the snake is.

Aiming at it from several miles up in the sky, the eagle makes no mistakes. One mistake could mean instant death for the eagle.

Taking the snake by complete surprise, using its razor-sharp talons, and powerful legs, the eagle strikes the snake very fast, at its most vulnerable part, mostly around the neck and the body. It’s an ambush. The snake tries to writhe around and struggle, but its efforts are futile.

As the eagle flies high into the sky, it continues tearing at the snake’s body several times using its sharp beak until the snake is completely paralyzed. At this point, the snake is helpless because it can’t even turn around.

The eagle continues it’s upward flight into the sky, until at some point, it feels safe to suddenly release the snake to fall hard on the ground from the sky. And before the snake even knows what happened, the eagle snatches it again and lifts it to a very high place. The snake is still unconscious as it’s being eaten. It never even knows what ate it…

Take a lesson from the eagle. Don’t fight the opponent in his/her turf. Change the battleground like the eagle and fight the battle high in the sky like an eagle. You’ll be assured of a clean victory.

An eagle never fights the opponent on its turf where the opponent has the greatest advantage. That’s how it’s able to capture, maim, kill and eat some of the most deadly snakes in the world, including cobras, black mambas, and fish.

2. Be Like Water

Be like water. When water is poured into a glass, jar, or any container, it takes the shape of that container.

Take the war to your turf, where the opponent knows nothing about. If you fight the opponent on their turf, you’ll definitely lose the battle.

Play down any suggestions by the opponent to take you to their turf. If the opponent want’s to argue, don’t argue back. Instead, say nothing and remain like that until the opponent is frustrated. Argument mongers hate silence.

Only say something when you’re absolutely sure about what you want to say. The opponent may try to provoke you. Don’t just argue for the sake of argument. Otherwise just shut up, and always remain in your turf.

Be patient—another weapon the opponent hates. Repeat the process a few more times until the opponent loses the argument.

3. Hit the Opponent Below the Belt.

This is a psychological tactic, which involves causing the opponent to think they’re winning the battle. The result is that the opponent will lower their guard. Don’t waste time. Hit the opponent so hard below the belt by asking them an unexpected question they can’t answer.

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You’ll know the opponent is frustrated when they start fumbling awkwardly with the question until they have no choice but get annoyed.

Have no mercy at this point. Hit the opponent under the belt—again, and again.

You’ll know the opponent is your prey when they change their face, have nothing more to say, and get evidently annoyed. By this time your opponent has no choice but take flight.

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