‘Team Lagos’ Threatens To Resist Any Protest In Lagos On June 12

end sars protest

Team Lagos Urges Lagosians Not To Join Protest On June 12.

A group named Team Lagos has encouraged Lagosians to avoid the protest scheduled for Saturday, June 12 in Ojota.

Team Lagos will resist any protest by any group of individuals across the state, according to a statement issued by the team’s Director General, Zulu Authority.

The group’s stated goal is to promote peaceful cohabitation as well as the safety of people and property.

They warned against any protests in Lagos, emphasizing that the #EndSARS experience will not be repeated.

The EndSARS demonstration was hijacked by thugs purportedly funded by the government, resulting in shop looting and property destruction.

“We are progressives and well-meaning youths and foot soldiers of All Progressives Congress (APC). Our primary objective amongst others is to promote peaceful coexistence and security of lives and properties, inrrespective of tribe, culture or party affiliation.

“The people Lagos state have suffered a lot during the #EndSARS protest. We can not fold our hands and allow any form of protest in the state that will be hijacked by unguided and scrupulous miscreants, especially when the country is facing security challenges. We will not allow any form of hardship on the good people of Lagos state.

“Team Lagos will resist any protest from any group or people across the state. Take your protest somewhere else and not Lagos state. Our Lagos must be great and secure,” the group said.

June 12 protest
June 12 protest
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