‘One Fall And It’s Game Over’: Video Of Slim Lady Causes Buzz

A video of an extremely slim lady has caused a buzz online.

The TikTok video captured the moment the lady was walking on the street.

Her slim figure sparked reactions, with some netizens wondering if she used a filter.


#gaixinh #beautiful #xuhuong #chinesetreetfashion #foryou

♬ 原声 – Chinese girl – Chinese girl

See reactions:

@cat99.6: “One fall and it’s game over.”

@rachel0325: “this is the real figure of speech.”

@ban_roxie: “Is it a new filter?”

@samtibae: “nah that’s definitely my ruler someone stole from me b4????”

@selflessworrior: “she’s taller than the comment section ????????????”

@midstmindset007: “This is wat we mean by straight to the point????????????”

@stes254: “why is she walking so fast????????”

@user5631614445225: “ooh God African ladies where are you.”

@alexanderholmes01: “is it a filter?”

@mahik167: “she is beautiful the way she is.”

@mp_jazbeatz_music: “For real for real MacBook Air.”

@datus360: “watin be this ????????????”

@john_s60: “That’s gotta be a new filter for sure.”

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