How To Make Crunchy And Delicious Peanut Burger At Home

Simple Recipe For Making Peanut Burger At Home.

Peanut burger or coated peanut is one of the most delicious snacks we have here in Nigeria; It’s crunchy, tasty and easy to make.

For those who don’t know how to make this yummy snack, this article is just for you.

How to make peanut burger

•Raw groundnut 1 paint
•Flour 1 paint
•Sugar half paint
•Nutmeg 2
•Milk flavour 1
•Egg 10
•Fosterclark any flavour 1
•Groundnut oil (1 Eva bottle)


•Boil water on fire
•Pour the hot water into the raw groundnut
•Remove the groundnut from hot water
•Add salt to the groundnut and mix together
•Spread the groundnut on a wide surface and allow it to dry

How to make peanut burger
Removing the groundnut from hot water

•Pour 2 cups of the dried groundnut in a big bowl
• 2 cups of flour in another bowl
•Break 2 eggs in a small container and mix together
•Add half cup of sugar to the 2 mixed eggs

How to make peanut burger
Mixing eggs with sugar

•Pour small nutmeg in another small container. Add 1 cover of foster Clark and also add small milk flavour. Then add small water to mix everything together.
•Pour the mixture to your mixed egg and sugar
•Then mix everything all together.

•Sprinkle some of your mixture into the 2 cups of groundnut and mix together
•Add flour and mix again
•Sprinkle more of your mixture, add flour and mix together. Repeat this step until the groundnut is fully covered.

•Scatter with flour so it won’t merge together
•After all have been perfectly mixed you can proceed to the next step

How to make peanut burger

•Pour oil in the pot and let it be hot
• Then fry your peanut in it; however, make sure the fire is not too much to prevent it from burning without being cooked
•After frying allow it to cool off for few minutes
•Your peanut burger is ready

Credit: MSSN Kosofe

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