Common Mistakes People Make When Making Puff-puff

puff-puff mistakes

‏Puff-puff: Mistakes You Should Avoid.

Puff-puff is a very yummy snack and many of its lovers have attempted to make it. Some turned out well while others were not so good.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid to make the perfect puff-puff that is not only delicious but also appealing to the eyes.

Mistakes to avoid when making puff-puff

  1. Using inactive yeast.
  2. Using too much yeast.
  3. Adding too much water to your batter.
  4. Letting the batter over-rise.
  5. Not deep frying.
  6. Not letting the oil get hot enough before dropping your batter in it.

Puff-puff mistakes

How to avoid the mistakes

  1. Always proof your yeast before using and always use a good yeast brand.
  2. Too much yeast will ruin the taste and texture of your puffpuff so use according to the recipe you’re following. (don’t add extra because you want more puffpuff ).
  3. Your batter should be thick and not light in consistency, too much water will make the puffpuff flat and shapeless.
  4. Puffpuff should be deep fried so use enough oil when frying your puffpuff.
  5. Always let your oil get hot enough before you start frying to avoid oily puffpuff. To know this, drop a little batter into the oil, when the oil is hot enough it will start sizzling and float to the top.
  6. Use a good recipe – Without a good recipe you won’t get your desired result.


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