Broke Women Won’t Help You Grow, Stop Dating Them – Solomon Buchi

Writer Solomon Buchi has advised men to stop dating broke women.

In a tweet posted to his account, Buchi claimed that broke women do not support their men’s development.

Solomon Buchi broke women
Solomon Buchi broke women

Read his tweet below:

”Men, stop dating broke women. They won’t help you grow. They’ll drain you. They need money for everything, even for oxygen. They hate work, but they love soft life.

“Check their IG, you’ll think they’re millionaires. Avoid dating broke women, but give them jobs if you can, but they hate working though. So it’s a lose-lose case.”

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Solomon Buchi is a Nigerian writer, life coach, and influencer who came to prominence for his quotes and life coach online.

Buchi was born on October 20, 1995. He originally hails from Imo State, the southeastern part of Nigeria.

He started his career writing quotes on social media, most especially on Twitter. He became consistent and began getting lots of followers while also making teachings about life.

The writer is in a relationship with Arike Adeola. He announced their engagement in July 2022.

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