This Trivial Knowledge Might Save Your Life One Day

Marcella W. Mullen, a former author and life coach, shares trivial knowledge that someday could save lives.

This trivial knowledge might save your life one day according to Marcella W. Mullen.

Former author and life coach, Marcella W. Mullen, shares trivial knowledge that may save lives one day.

1. If you are on verge of getting raped, hit his testes as hard as you can and see how he will fall down and if they are in the group, don’t perform this brave stunt instead tell them you have HIV.

2. The Bystander Effect. If you’re unaware of this consequence, learning about it could save your life. The Bystander Effect refers to the dispersal of blame among onlookers. When someone is standing on the sidelines of a robbery or a fight, they will not intervene because they anticipate others to aid.

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When you are in a fight, are being robbed, or worse, do not expect others to help you. They will want to avoid it. Instead, look them in the eye, ask for their help, specifically direct it at them. That removes the feeling of anyone else being able to help as you asked it specifically of them.

3. Removing things from stab wounds causes more blood loss, which increases the likelihood of the victim dying. That object should be left alone. Don’t try to get rid of it.

4. Before getting off the plane, don’t inflate your life jacket. In case of emergency water landings, it is not a good idea to be ready with your inflated life jacket. According to many aviation safety experts, doing so will only make things worse for you.

This is due to the fact that as the plane begins to sink, the water inside the cabin will push you to the ceiling. You wouldn’t be able to move without assistance from there. So put on your life jacket and only inflate it once you’ve exited the plane.

5. Learn how to change your own tire and make sure you are equipped with a full size spare and all the tools you need.

6. Let Someone Know Where You Will Be – When you live alone or even when you go out for the night, let a friend know where you will be.

This barely takes any effort on your part, and if something does go wrong or you are not back in the morning, somebody will know where to start if they have to look for you.

7. Don’t walk down the stairs with your hands in your pockets. You need your hands to protect your head or stop your fall.

8. Take it slow. Most of the mistakes happen because we want to be fast. We want to go to other places, are in a rush and run amok. This is how a lot of accidents happen; someone is in a hurry and doesn’t pay enough attention.

9. If you are lost in the desert, or any deserted area, the important thing you can carry to increase your chances of being found is a small reflective mirror.

Anytime a plane flies overhead you can reflect light towards them and you greatly increase your chances of being found. This seriously is more important than carrying more water with you.

10. When you realize you are in a rush remember this: The 5 minutes you might be late could save your life. Is it really worth it to save those 5 minutes? Sometimes it might be, but if it isn’t then take a deep breath and slow down.

11. Getting out of that sinking car. It is critical that you open a door as soon as you can before the water pressure makes it impossible.

If you can’t do that then break a window. If either of these fail stay calm and wait for the water to flow into the car. Once enough comes in the pressure will equalize and the door should open.

12. If you fall into water, don’t panic. You don’t have to be able to swim; you just have to float. Hold your breath and let yourself bob to the surface.

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